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Get in contact with potential customers

Sell products and ss online

Provide useful information to visitors

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Blog, news, or articles system

Event registration, booking, or ticketing

Email newsletter

Dedicated image gallery

Discussion forums

Shopping cart, checkout

Online payments

Facebook posts feed

Twitter tweets feed

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Do you have any existing systems that you might like to integrate your website with? (eg: CRM, accounting, calendar, or booking system)

What are your content writing needs?

I will have someone write the website content.

I am interested in some of the website content to be written by a professional content writer.

I want all of the website content to be written by a professional content writer.

What is your budget for a new website?

For our records

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How did you first hear about Techcraft Web Solutions?

Discussion forums

Google search

Word-of-mouth recommendation

Meeting in person

Advertising / promotion